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An eco-friendly and efficient way to stay warm this winter 

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Our QBriquettes® are made from excess materials within our production process, made from 100% natural ThermoWoods, free from resins, sugars, harmful chemicals and contaminants like glue and paint. They are much more convenient than logs since they are easier and lighter to use and store, generate higher heat and are slow-burning. Due to the absence of harmful chemicals in our ThermoWood briquettes, the fuel emitted is clean, meaning you will not need to worry about cleaning or sweeping your flue.

If you have a traditional fireplace, log burner, chimenea or wood-burning stove, our QBriquettes® are the perfect solution to keep you warm this winter! An eco-friendly solution that emits long-lasting heat. Made from sawdust collected within the ThermoWood machining process, our QBriquettes® utilise all of our product wastage, forming high-quality briquettes which will emit a steady heat and flame throughout the winter months.

So order your briquettes and get ready to huddle around the fireplace as the winter weather draws in.

Feeling brave? You could even imitate an Australian Christmas by hosting a BBQ in the winter months, fuelled by our QBriquettes® you can keep yourself warm around your outdoor fire pit whilst you toast marshmallows and eat BBQ food! Everyone loves a spontaneous BBQ, right?

Shop our QBriquettes® here.

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