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What Are QBriquettes?

QBriquettes® are the future of sustainable and efficient fuel, offering an innovative solution for heating and cooking needs. Crafted with meticulous care, these briquettes are more than just a fuel source; they represent a commitment to environmental responsibility and high-quality performance.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

  • High Efficiency and Long Burn Time

  • Clean Burning

  • Minimal Ash and Smoke

  • Versatile and Convenient

  • 100% Natural and Recyclable

QBriquettes® are not just a product but a choice for a more sustainable and efficient lifestyle.
Embrace the warmth and reliability of QBriquettes, and join us in our journey towards a greener future.

Fuel Your Basket...

Eco-Test Your Fire: The QBriquettes Sample Box

Discover the Future of Sustainable Fuel with the QBriquettes Sample Box: Experience the eco-friendly excellence of QBriquettes with our exclusive Sample Box.


Perfect for those looking to transition to a more sustainable fuel source, this box contains a selection of our premium briquettes made from compressed ThermoWood softwood and hardwood. Ideal for testing in your fires, wood burners, or barbeques, each briquette in the sample box promises a clean, efficient burn with minimal ash and smoke. Whether you’re a seasoned eco-conscious consumer or just starting your sustainable journey, the QBriquettes Sample Box is your first step towards a greener, cleaner heating solution. Order yours today and feel the difference!



50% more heat

Emits 50% more heat

compared to logs

Chimney and Flue

Chimney and flue friendly

Long Lasting Fire

Long lasting fire


Made from recycled,

natural materials

No Chemicals

No Resins, Sugars or

Chemicals Present

Easy to Light

Easy to Light 


Easy to Transport

and Store 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are QBriquettes® made?
    QBriquettes® are made by compressing excess ThermoWood hardwoods and softwoods collected within our workshop during production, in the form of sawdust. Our compressor binds the dust together, forming dense, solid blocks.
  • What are QBriquettes® made of?
    QBriquettes® are a bi-product of our ThermoWood process. They do not contain any additives, binding agents or glues. They are safe to use on open fires, fire pits, wood/multi-fuel burning stoves and log boilers as well as chimeneas. They are made of 100% wood and our packaging is fully recyclable.
  • Quality Reassurance
    QBriquettes® are made from 100% natural ThermoWoods and are free from resins, sugars, harmful chemicals and contaminants like glue and paint. By applying intense pressure during the production process to form our briquettes, you are guaranteed a high-quality product. QBriquettes® are much more convenient than logs as they are easier and lighter to use and store, generate higher heat and are slow-burning. Due to the absence of harmful chemicals in our ThermoWood briquettes, the fuel emitted is clean, meaning you will not need to worry about cleaning or sweeping your flue. ​ Since our briquettes are made from excess materials within our production process, there is no excess carbon footprint present. This is a great way to recycle and reuse wood waste. We ensure that there is no plastic present within our briquettes and packaging, to ensure that the whole product is 100% recyclable.
  • How do I light a fire using QBriquettes®?
    To light your QBriquettes® you apply the same technique as lighting a fire using logs. Smaller parts are broken off and used for kindling to start and encourage the flame, and larger parts are added when the fire is established.
  • Where should I store my QBriquettes®?
    It is essential to store your QBriquettes® in a cool dry place. If your QBriquettes® get wet, they will not work as effectively. If you are storing your material in a garage or shed, they must be stored off of the ground and away from any dripping water.
  • Do they expand or spit during burning?
    QBriquettes® do not spit or expand during burning, therefore making them a safe, solid fuel to use, due to their very low moisture content of 0-5%.
  • What appliances can I use them on?
    QBriquettes® are suitable for use on a wide range of appliances including fire pits, open fires, wood-burning stoves and chimeneas.
  • Do they produce more heat than normal logs?
    Since QBriquettes® are made from ThermoWoods, they are much drier and denser (with 0-5% moisture content) compared to seasoned and kiln dried logs and other heat logs. Therefore, they produce a more powerful and reliable heat. Making them more cost-effective and convenient. Less moisture = more heat.
  • Can you burn briquettes on a wood-burning stove?
    Our QBriquettes® are great fuel for wood-burning stoves and are an alternative to high-quality logs. They can also be broken up to provide a kindling option when lighting a fire, by breaking the QBriquettes® up into smaller pieces.
  • Can I burn the loose sawdust that’s at the bottom of my bag?
    Absolutely yes you can. Any accumulation of sawdust left over in the bottom of your bag will be due to the briquettes rubbing against each other during transit and general disturbance, as they are only compressed together under extreme pressure only. Simply shovel it into your wood burner along with additional briquettes before lighting it. *Do not do this when the fire is already alight to avoid possible flare up.
  • What can wood shavings be used for?
    Animal bedding: Wood shavings are commonly used for pet bedding Whether you have horses, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits or hamsters, sawdust provides a soft and warm bedding that can be easily cleaned out to ensure that your furry friends are living in a hygienic, safe and comfortable environment. Great for the garden: Spreading wood shavings around the base of your garden plants can prevent weeds, help retain moisture, and keep roots cooler. Soak up spills: Wood shavings are highly absorbent, which makes it great at soaking up oil, grease, and petrol spills. Simply sprinkle the wood shavings on the spill, wait for it to absorb the liquid, then sweep it away. Repeat as needed until the mess is gone.
  • What wood is used to create the sawdust?
    Our sawdust is 100% natural from certified and managed UK woodlands and do not contain any chemicals or preservatives.
  • Where should I store my sawdust?
    Storage can be outside or inside as they are in waterproof bags. They need to be kept dry to ensure maximum benefit.
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