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ThermoWood QBriquettes® & Mixed Kindling Sticks Bundle

ThermoWood QBriquettes® & Mixed Kindling Sticks Bundle

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Box Contents: 


  • ThermoWood Mixed Kindling Sticks
  • Mixed species: Iroko, Ash, Tulip, Ayous and Pine
  • Different aromas and colours
  • 26mm x 30mm varying thickness of 5mm-25mm
  • Approximately 70 sticks
  • QBriquettes®

26mm x 30mm varying thickness of 5mm-25mm

Box size 250 x 250 x 250mm weighing up to 15kg, contents approx 200 sticks depending on stick size.


Blocks of compressed timber that can be used as fuel for fires, wood burners and barbeques. Made from ThermoWood softwood and hardwood timber sawdust and offcuts, which is compressed into blocks. They provide a stable burn and maintain a steady temperature for a longer period compared to natural kindling and logs. No natural resins or sugars and virtually zero moisture content, so will not line the flue. Also, very little ash and smoke. A great, eco-friendly, lightweight alternative. QBriquettes® are easy to store, 100% natural, recyclable, and sustainable. Timber species are Iroko, Ash, Tulip, Ayous, and Pine


Total Bundle Weight: 14kg - 17kg


*If your QBriquettes turn to dust overtime, don't discard this but simply add to your woodstove/fireplace before lighting it. Our QBriquettes are 100% natural with no waste.


Please note that during this busy period, shipping may take 21-28 days.

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