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QBriquettes®: Cutting Pollution Caused By Household Burning

England’s environmental policy now states that it is illegal to burn ‘wet wood’- wood or logs that have not been dried. In February 2020 the UK Government pledged to cut pollution from household burning which means that the sale of house coal and wet wood in England will be phased out. Making QBriquettes® the top option for fuelling your fire.

Recent studies have shown that wood-burning stoves which use house coal and wet wood are the single largest source of the pollutant ‘PM2.5’. Which emits twice the contribution of industrial combustion and three times the contribution of road transport. These are big numbers! The World Health Organisation has categorised these fuels as the most serious air pollutants for human health.

Between 2021 and 2023 the UK Government have planned for the sale of coal and wet wood to be phased out, giving the public and suppliers time to find cleaner alternatives, such as dry wood and QBriquettes®. Which produce less smoke and pollution and are much cheaper and more efficient to burn. Since the Government have acted on wet wood and house coal, our QBriquettes® are the best option for burning safe, high-quality fires.

Our QBriquettes® are made from ThermoWoods which hold a very low moisture content of between 0-5%, this is significantly lower than normal logs and briquettes and also emit a much stronger, steadier heat. They produce very little smoke and ash which eliminates the risk of flue fires due to the absence of tar and resin deposit build up in the flue, which is a common issue with other fuels.

So, make an environmentally conscious decision whilst also thinking about your health by purchasing QBriquettes® today!

You can read more about the UK Government’s policy on household burning here.

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